Thyroid and Time for Change

For the past decade, or possibly longer, I have been living with hypothryoidism. A condition that has many side affects that seem to be a circular decent into the pit of despair. Since my thyroid gland is under active, my thyroid doesn’t produce certain hormones that affect nearly every aspect of my body including my brain, heart, skin and muscles.

Until recently, I just accepted this as part of my heritage. My mother had thyroid issues and eventually had the gland removed completely. My sister and adult daughter also have issues with this. But then I started reading articles on the website I started talking to others, outside of my family, who have this disease. What I’ve found is that my current method of “treatment” isn’t really doing me any favors.

I’ve been gaining weight for almost 20 years despite diet plans, work out routines, gastric surgery, and most off all, medication that is meant to “treat” this condition. In addition to this condition, I have been diagnosed with insulin resistance and depression. Most of which I attributed to weight gain. Weight gain has been the source of blame for my lethargy, fatigue and sore aching joints. I didn’t realize that all of these are symptoms, including weight gain are due to under active thyroid. There are so many symptoms that can be traced back to my thyroid. All the while my physicians have been addressing them as individual symptoms. Not parts of the whole.

As I mentioned, I have been doing some eye-opening reading. One article has lead to another and another. The one I mentioned to my doctor today is from the previously mentioned website about someone else’s journey and how she found success. You can read her story here. Her story seemed so similar to mine, except for the time frame. She didn’t wait nearly so long to seek change.

My doctor was receptive to my concerns and tomorrow I start my journey. I am changing my medication (Levothyroxin) from the same thing that it has been for far too long to a combination of the old and the new. If this doesn’t work, we’ll drop the old stuff entirely and try all new.

I want to keep track of this change here in my blog. Perhaps I will also be able to look back a couple of years from now with a before and after perspective that is positive and continuous. I know what I used to be and that is not who I am now. I remember being in better shape, more active, happier, and outgoing. I want to be that person again. I know she is in me screaming to get out. My husband wants her back (I’m sure) and my children deserve to know her.


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