Lesson 10 Reflection


This week’s focus was on landing page and website optimization and SEO. Being able to make our landing page information, descriptions and title match what we are offering is critical in creating a better user experience. If the landing page is not optimized to match the ad, this is where the user will leave your site. This wastes money invested in marketing and results in lost sales. The goal is have an engaging landing page that is what the user was looking for and that they will spend a moment on and hopefully shopping. Ideally, the user will explore more of the site. This is not an easy, simple task. This requires work, testings, rewriting, testing some more and

Things that should be tested are the headline copy, calls to action, forms, body copy, and page layout. There are many things that could deter or detract a buyer and all things should be focused on being user-friendly, quickly loading, and content specific.

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is a way of getting people to your landing page. This is a whole lengthy topic in and of itself but some things that increase SEO are:

  • Name your photos. Don’t use random numbers.
  • Have the same username on every site.
  • Encourage social media sharing. Have sharing buttons on each post.
  • Use meta descriptions in html code. Google still uses those in searches.

There are many, many, aspects to the key optimization of websites. This is a topic and a practice that will need to be ongoing to be effective.


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